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"Anyone not shocked by quantum physics has not understood it!"

Niels Bohr (1885 – 1962)
About me-Anna-Karin Holm Perrin
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I live in the countryside in an old farmhouse, in a small village in the middle of nature. I love the sun and warmth, beautiful places and design.
I like to spend time with people who realise and believe everything is possible… As the saying goes, you become like the people you spend time with.

But the road here has not been straightforward. I became very ill in the autumn of 2012 after a tick bite. It started with neck stiffness and ended with me being bedridden due to severe body pain and requiring 24-hour nursing care. The antibiotics did not help. The only thing the health service could offer for my unbearable body pain was antidepressants and painkillers. Nothing helped, and I was more or less a wreck.

I heard about a therapist who worked with quantum medicine. This became my straw. After the first treatment, I felt a positive change, so I continued with this therapy. I got better and better and slowly started to recognise myself.

I decided to buy my own device to treat myself because I quickly realised that this was the medicine of the future. I regained my strength, mind and body functions. Family and friends volunteered to be test subjects, and it was off to the races.

Instead of the wheelchair service on the flight to Gran Canaria, I had in 2014, I took my device with me in my hand luggage the following year and moved almost unhindered on my way down to the sun. The Device, my biofeedback device, became the best investment of my life.

The company that developed this phenomenal device is QX WORLD, and I am proud to be their representative in Sweden, Finland and the Canary Islands.

Anna-Karin Holm Perrin

Quantum frequencies

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