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Modern science known since ancient times – The future today.

What if kids in school… were taught what I consider to be the true science, namely quantum physics. What a different life we would all have then… The good news is that we are already well on our way!

Unfortunately, it has been hidden away for a long time. Only by keeping this science hidden is it possible to keep us believing in scarcity and powerlessness. It has made us forget who we really are.

We should all understand and realise that we have a life full of possibilities.

How? Well, we would know that we are of energy in different forms and that we can influence our field and create with the same based on our desires and desires; we would then also be very careful about which frequencies and energy fields we would expose ourselves to because we would know that some frequencies would be directly harmful because they change the frequency/condition for a healthy life.
We would understand what we are and what happens when we think different thoughts because thoughts are energy fields that create.

If you want to know more about this, read a bit about quantum physics or keep an eye out for more posts.

Here you have brief information about what the new QUEX ED Biofeedback, or as you can call it, Quantum healing Device, is based on something, namely quantum physics, which is the science of everything that exists is energy in different forms, and in that equipment, there are 11000 codes that are messages to the body’s field how it should correct imbalances, it can interpret what your entire energy system body, mental and emotional wants to convey.

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So what is Quantum? It is the identification of the specific electromagnetic frequency of different molecules that allows modern science to intervene using sound or light and fields of information to our energy fields. It is possible to transmit specific electromagnetic frequency changes to balance imbalances in the body that create unwanted symptoms – a discovery that continues to be ignored by most established medicines.

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