Biofeedback & Balancing

Balancing with the new QUEX ED and QUEX S (Quality User Experience) is a quantum medical balancing instrument developed over 40 years by Bill Nelson and his international research team. QUEX ED is the new “Rolls Royce” among all biofeedback devices. It allows us to measure, analyse and balance the vibrations and oscillations in our organs and our entire electromagnetic field, body, mind and emotions.

Quantum Healing

Biofeedback therapy

Welcome to the latest generation of Quantum healing technologies, Biofeedback Systems. For decades we have been the market leader in alternative medicine, and with the latest QUEX ED we are redefining what we know about medicine, health and well-being. This is holistic healthcare with more valuable and less invasive ways to feel good & healthy. Reaching desired health combines many factors, such as awareness of your body and mind

We are all made of energy. We radiate electromagnetic fields as a result of molecular oscillations in our bodies. A healthy cell has a specific vibration depending on where it is in the body, and this is exactly what QUEX ED and QUEX S can read and interpret to help the body balance itself. Different substances in the body produce various trivector forms. The trivector spectrum (over 11,000) of all common bacteria, viruses, parasites, vitamins, minerals, pathogens and natural medicines in all branches is now in a database that QUEX ED and QUEX S have access to, and it becomes important information for us.


Quantum Physics and Biofeedback

When we perform balancing on you, we first do a test where we send all the trivector forms in the database to the body, one by one. There are over 11000 different trivector forms in the database. When your body receives them, it reacts like you were exposed to the substance or emotion. But you don’t feel it because the transmission is only active for a few hundredths of a second.However, your reaction is sufficient for the QUEX ED or QUEX S to read your body’s reaction.

 If a value deviates from normal, we can see that it is either something you need or should get rid of.If it’s something you lack, we can provide it to your body in the form of its electromagnetic field and remind your body how to vibrate. If it’s something you need to get rid of, like microorganisms or toxins, we can send the trivector vibration/field to stimulate your body to get rid of it.

With the help of trivector forms, we can adjust imbalances that create various undesirable symptoms – or trigger the body’s self-healing processes. What we call illness is really just a stop in the flow. When your body and mind get the right conditions and help it needs, it can repair itself.

Your body is brilliant! QUEX ED or QUEX S does not treat diseases but corrects and prevents imbalances and stress conditions, which makes the client feel better and get rid of their symptoms. 

The whole spectrum of waves is available for you to benefit from with the expertise of us and a Quantum Therapist.

Click Here to Visit the QX World website from the creators and inventors of Quantum healing devices. You can also contact us to get more information and a device demonstration. 

The Key Benefits of Biofeedback Therapy

Chronic inflammation and much more are examples of what we can remind the body to resolve.
Remember, all undesirable symptoms are stop flow, nothing else, no matter what it is called.
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